It is a hotel of April 2019 NEW opening. We will provide you with extraordinary healing.

【Official】REX HOTEL Beppu

Notice from REX HOTEL Beppu

5/20 June limited "Red Snow Crab Festa" will be held!
We will offer "Red Snow Crab" for a limited time at the dinner buffet.Of course you can eat as much as you want!

Urgent special project! "Red Snow Crab Festa" will be held!

  • We will offer "Red Snow Crab" for the June limited dinner buffet

    "Red Snow Crab Festa" will be held in June! It will be served at the dinner buffet.
    Of course, you can eat as much as you want, so please enjoy it to your heart's content.

【New Oita Travel Discount】It has resumed

  • 【New Oita Travel Discount】Reopening ~ Reservation until May 31st stay ~

    *For stays from May 9th to May 31st.
    *A maximum of 5,000 yen per person will be subsidized from the room rate, and a coupon for 2,000 yen will be included.
    ★"New Oita Travel Discount" accepts reservations only for exclusive plan.Please make a reservation from the link below.
      *You will need a certificate of 3 vaccinations and confirmation of your place of residence. 
    Please check the "New Oita Travel Discount Official HP" for details such as terms and conditions before making a reservation. ..

Information on "day trip plan"

  • *We have two "day trip plan"

    ① Day trip dinner plan
    A plan that includes dinner and bathing.Supper is "course meal + Japanese, Western and Chinese buffet".

    ② Guest room day use + dinner plan
    It is a plan that comes with one-day room use + dinner.You can also take a bath.

    *Both plan require a reservation.
    *For details, please see the dedicated page or contact us by phone.
      ☎0977-23-6111 Until

【# Tag campaign】In session

  • Special Offer【# Tag campaign】

    We are currently holding a special project "# Tag Campaign".Beppu" on Instagram will receive a hotel original goods as a gift.You can choose original goods from "eco bag", "mug", "handkerchief" and "mask".
     *The contents of the original goods are subject to change.

    Please show the posting screen to the front desk.

【Family Room】birth

  • We have newly established a "family room" for families.

    I want to stay in one room with my family! In response to such customer feedback, REX HOTEL Beppu has newly established a "family room".
    A total of 4 corner rooms with bedding are available for 4 people.*When using bedding for 4 people, it will be compatible with 2 people's bed and 2 people's futon.
    The size of the room is 34㎡.Of course, all rooms have ocean front desks.
    Please use it with your family!

"Cash payment plan" is very popular

  • Popular "cash payment limited plan"

    ◆Urgent special project "Cash settlement 3rd" Now, "Abalone foil grilling" is included in the plan
    It is a very advantageous plan that comes with abalone grilled in foil to the standard course plan.Please take this opportunity!  *Payment can only be made in cash.

We have set up a restaurant partition

  • A partition was set up at the restaurant seat as a measure against corona.

    In order to provide our customers with safety and security, we have installed partitions in the restaurant seats from the viewpoint of measures against splashes.
    You can enjoy your meal at REX HOTEL Beppu

Ranked 10th nationwide in the popular 2020 inn ranking

  • Impressed by the superb view! Ranked 10th nationwide in the popular 2020 inn ranking hotel【My trip】

    On Rakuten Travel's special site "My Trip," our hotel's ocean view ranked 10th in Japan in the superb view category!

    In front of you is a magnificent view of the vast Beppu Bay.On sunny days, Shikoku makes a faint look in the distance.
    The night view of Oita City city night, in the morning worship Sunrise.

    To you, a "healing time" that you can't enjoy in everyday life....

REX HOTEL Beppu's new coronavirus infectious disease countermeasures


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13-21 Wakakusa Town, Beppu City, Oita Prefecture

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·5 minutes by car from Beppu Station
·10 minutes by car from Beppu IC
·45 minutes by car from Oita Airport
·25 minutes on foot from Beppu Station
·3 minutes on foot from the nearest bus stop "Kyomachi"
·From Fukuoka (Hakata) by highway bus, get off at Beppu (Kitahama), approximately 2 hours 40 minutes → 3 minutes by taxi (15 minutes on foot)

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