【Official】Rex Hotel Beppu

◆The charm of REX HOTEL Beppu◆

1)Infinity bath

  • Excellent opening feeling!

    At the top floor open-air bath “Raku”, you can enjoy a sense of unity with Beppu Bay in front of you while staying in the hot spring. Enjoy the unusual feeling you can only taste at our hotel.

    When the weather is nice, Shikoku looks a little far away.
    In addition, in the evening you can enjoy the beautiful night view of Oita City city.

2)All Rooms Ocean View

  • Beppu Bay spreads out in front of you!

    All our rooms are located on the sea side, and you can enjoy a superb view of Beppu Bay from all rooms.

    The Mochigahama Seaside Park front of the hotel is famous for its morning and evening walks.

3)Dinner, course dishes

  • Dinner is course meal + buffet!

    Dinner is a course ingredients carefully selected by the chief chef and an eclectic style of about 60 different buffets. There are “Miyabi Course” and “Hana course”. All you can eat buffet. *The image is “Miyabi Course”

    In the “Miyabi Course”, you can enjoy Oita Prefecture's representative ingredients such as Bungo Beef, Seki horse mackerel, and Cabosu Flounder.

    *course dishes are not included in the open memorial plan. It is only a buffet.

Four)Dinner, Buffet+Live kitchen

  • Enjoy the freshly made dishes!

    For dinner you can use course meals and even a buffet.
    About 60 dishes are on the buffet counter.
    Of course there are also many desserts.
    Please enjoy whatever you like as much as you want.

    *Dinner of the open memorial plan will be here.

Five)Breakfast, Japanese-style buffet

  • Energize your day with breakfast at our hotel!

    Breakfast is about 60 kinds of Japanese and Western buffet.
    It is inevitable content to be satisfied from the morning.

    Some dishes are in the form of live kitchen, and the cook cooks in front of customers.

    Also enjoy drinks, 100% fruit juice carefully selected, and full-fledged coffee to drip one cup at a time.

6)Relaxing room

  • You can relax and have a relaxing time!

    Our hotel rooms,
     ·ROYAL ROOM, 2 rooms
     ·Superior Room,   6 rooms
     ·Standard Room, 38 rooms
    Each room has its own balcony to enjoy the magnificent view of Beppu Bay. There is also a space for Ryukyu Tatami Mattress for relaxation.

    TV adopts a powerful 50-inch wall hanging.

7) You can spare without wearing shoes

  • To make you feel more comfortable!

    In order to make your stay more comfortable, we will take your footwear off at the hotel. * I am preparing a dedicated lower leg box for the entrance.

Non smoking inside the hotel

  • To provide more comfortable space to more customers!

    The hotel, including guest rooms, is non-smoking inside the hotel so you can stay more comfortable.    
     * We have a private room smoking space on the first floor for smokers.


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Oita prefecture Beppu City Wakakusa cho 13-21

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·5 minutes by car from Beppu Station
·10 minutes by car from Beppu IC
·45 minutes by car from Oita Airport
·25 minutes on foot from Beppu Station
·3 minutes on foot from the nearest bus stop "Kyomachi"
·From Fukuoka (Hakata) by highway bus, get off at Beppu (Kitahama), approximately 2 hours 40 minutes → 3 minutes by taxi (15 minutes on foot)

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