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Attraction of our hotel

  • ◆Infinity bath◆
    The open-air bath “Raku” top floor is an “Infinity Bath” so that you can enjoy the magnificent view of Beppu Bay. Please enjoy a sense of unity with Beppu Bay.
  • ◆All Rooms Ocean View◆
    All 46 rooms are in ocean view.Beppu Bay spreads out in front of you.
    Enjoy a spectacular view from the private balcony.
  • ◆Spend without wearing shoes◆
    In order to make you feel more comfortable, we decided to remove your shoes.
  • ◆Breakfast, Buffet◆
    There are about 60 kinds of breakfast in Japanese and Western buffet. We will prepare local dishes and wait for you.
  • ◆Dinner, course dishes◆
    The dinner is a new style that blends course dishes with ingredients carefully selected by the chief chef and about 60 different buffets.
    course cooking, you can use local Oita's ingredients mainly and enjoy Oita's charm.
     *The image is the “Miyabi” course.  *course dishes are not included in the open memorial plan.
  • ◆Dinner, Buffet◆
    In addition to course dishes, there are approximately 60 different buffet menus for dinner. You can eat whatever you like as much as you want.
    *The cuisine of the open memorial plan is here.
  • ◆Relaxing room◆, * Image is standard Japanese + Western-style room
    All rooms have ocean views and a private balcony overlooking Beppu Bay.
    “Ryukyu Tatami Mattress” is laid out as a relaxing space where you can relax and relax.
    In addition, TV has installed wall-hung type 50 inch.
  • ◆Non smoking inside the hotel◆
    Smoking is prohibited in the hotel to make your stay comfortable for more customers.
     * For smoking guests, a private room smoking space is established on the first floor.