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terms of service

  • The hotel has the following terms and conditions for your comfort.Please understand that we may refuse to use the service if you do not comply with the following items.

     1. 1. In-room visits with foreigners are not permitted.
     2. If it is discovered that the number of users exceeds the number of contracted users without request, the excess amount will be charged. 
     3. Smoking is prohibited except in the smoking area on the 1st floor.
     Four. Those who have tattoos or tattoos are not allowed to use the large communal bath.
     5. Accommodation under the age of 18 without the consent of a guardian is not permitted.
     6. Bare feet (socks are acceptable) are available in the hotel.Disposable slippers are available for those who wish.
     7. 7. Hair dyeing and bleaching are not permitted in guest rooms and large communal baths.
     8. Children who do not have diapers should refrain from using the large communal bath.
     9. The following items are not allowed in the hotel.
         (1) Animals(Pets etc.)
         (2) Anything that causes trouble to other customers due to filth or odor
         (3) Remarkably large amount of goods
         (4) Explosives, volatile oil, etc. that are easily ignited or ignited
         (5) Guns and swords that are not legally permitted to possess
    Ten. Gambling and acts that disturb the morals are not permitted in the hotel.
    11. 11. Do not drop anything from the guest room balcony.
    12. Please refrain from distributing advertising materials or selling goods to other people in the hotel.
    13. Please do not use the facilities and goods of the hotel for any purpose other than that purpose.
    14. Please use the provided safe at your own risk.
    15.It is prohibited to take out the equipment and fixtures of the guest room.